National Occupational Standards (NOS) describe how to do a particular job well - what you must be able to do, and also what you need to know in order for that to happen.

There are standards for jobs in all areas of business and industry. SfCD is responsible for setting these standards for careers in care. We work closely with people actually doing the job, or using the services, to develop and update the standards that people work to. SfCD sets the standard for people working in:

  • Children's care, learning and development (CCLD)
  • Commissioning, procurement and contracting in care services (CPCCS)
  • Health and social care (HSC)
  • Inspectors of Health and Social Care Standards
  • Leadership and management of care services (LMCS)
  • Sensory services
  • Social work

They will tell you what someone needs to know and do so that they can perform their job well and make a difference to people's lives.

These standards are freely available and can also be used in other ways, such as developing job descriptions to help with recruitment, measuring the performance of people who work in a particular role, or helping organisations set targets for improving what they do.

Visit  Health and Social Care NOS to see a full list of the HSC NOS. They are jointly owned by Skills for Care & Development and Skills for Health, and apply to the full range of social care services supporting people of all ages.

Visit Children's Care, Learning and Development NOS to see a full list of the CCLD NOS. These apply to roles where people are working with children and young people, particularly in early years settings.

Visit Inspectors of Health and Social Care Standards NOS to see a full list of the Inspectors NOS.

Visit Leadership_and_Management_in_Care_Services_Standards NOS to see a full list of the LMCS NOS

Visit Social Work Standards NOS to see a full List of the SW NOS

Visit Sensory Services Standards NOS to see a full list of the SS NOS

Visit Commissioning, Procurement and Contracting for Care Services (CPCCS)  NOS to see a full list of the CPCCS NOS