Welcome to Skills for Care and Development

Our aim is for a world class workforce in the UK.

Skills for Care & Development (SfCD) is the sector skills council for people working in early years, children and young people's services, and those working in social work and social care for adults and children in the UK. That is a workforce of over 1.87 million people.

Good skills and the development of the workforce are vital for the growth of the economy and the well being of the UK population. SfCD research shows that 70% of all people in the UK have personal or immediate family experience of using the services in our sector, and this will grow.

This means that what our workers do will have an impact upon the lives of every person in the UK at some point in their lives. Therefore, they need to be highly skilled, and we need to have confidence in them.

SfCD partnership is working with, and empowering over 62,400 employers in our sector to invest in the development of the workforce in a number of ways.